Ancient Draconic Secrets

Deep Into a Temple

Don't kill time, you never know what's being killed

Date: Patchwall 23

Party goes down into a ruined tower and finds a temple. They take some time to read the inscriptions and look for magic. When they get to an alter they find a bunch of Yuan-ti have sacrificed some slaves to summon a demon. This demon is pretty useless as far as the party is concerned because the party kills it pretty quick

None of Azog’s family is among the dead slaves. Also one Yuan-ti runs away.

Which turns out to be interesting when a Hydra comes out from the corridor the Yuan-ti ran into.
After killing the Hydra (it got up to 9 heads) the party finds a ramp to a lower level.

The party has to deal with a few traps and some Yuan-ti ambushers and then tries to rest by a hot springs.

Unfortunately, the party’s rest was interrupted by screams ending in a sudden silence.

Party goes to investigate and finds a Medusa like creature killing slaves, creating some kind of portal, and the slaves are turning into zombies.

Valenthe turns Kriller invisible (with Greater Invisibility) and he runs off to go kill the Medusa bad guy. Unfortunately for Kriller, Medusa bad guy has a war hammer with Tremorsense and “sees” Kriller coming. Ends up not mattering too much as the party makes quick work of zombies, guards and the Medusa guy melts into the ground and runs away.

The temple treasure room is bare so the Medusa definitely stole stuff.
And where was that portal going to?



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