Ancient Draconic Secrets

Brewfest-Cooking Contest

Sooooo Close...

The minute Rurik and company entered Lankhamshire, he saw a poster advertising a cooking contest and made himself scarce from the company and went to investigate. He arrived just before sign ups closed and, well, he signed up. Looking at the sign-ups he saw many names, he was new so he didn’t know which ones were good and which ones weren’t. About an hour later he showed up where he was suppose to along with all the other contestants, and grabbed a station. A human male showed up and warmed up the crowd then he got down to business. “If you look over there you will find a set of ingredients, your first challenge will be relatively simple, you will cook a dish of your choice using any of the ingredients you find over there. You will have one hour and the top 6 will have a place in the final rounds. 3… 2… 1… GOOO!!!!!” At the go Rurik raced off to the table on his short little legs. As most of the contestants were human him and the two other halflings had to push through to get to the table. Rurik planned on making maple ale glazed lamb chops with some mountain vegetables as a side, just like he learned in the mountains. However, he couldn’t find any mountain vegetables, so he settled on the hill variety, he wagered it shouldn’t be too different. With all his ingredients in his hands Rurik rushed back to his table to get to work. He set the lamb chops to broil in a sauce made out of maple ale, oregano, and dill. At the same time he started preparing a glaze made out of heated honey, maple ale, and ginger. It worked in the past and seeing how the judges were a human, a halfling, and another human, it should be okay. For his side he tossed up some broccoli, and carrots, and butternut squash. Then he set them to steam in a mixture savory spices, to contrast to the sweet lamb chops. Rurik was able to finish and plate before time was up. The judges came around to his dish. They tasted it talked amongst each other and then moved on. Rurik had no idea what they were thinking, he had faced dragons and he was nervous, he wanted to at least move on to round 2. After they had made their rounds the judges announced that they would need some time to think so in two hours everyone will meet back here and the top 6 will move on to round two. Rurik didn’t know what to do, until he realized it was lunch time and he was hungry. He headed over to the inn and then realised that so was one of his competitors, a female human he hadn’t paid much attention to at first. He didn’t really talk till he got to the inn. He ordered a meal and was surprised by how well it was cooked. “You cooked this didn’t you, its pretty good.”
“Yep, saw you in that competition too, good luck, but, no offense, I’ve been cooking here for many years and every year Rhella, a halfling wins and I don’t think this year will be an exception.”
“Well she hasn’t met me then.” Rurik finished his meal and then wondered around town for a bit. He watched some other competitions and saw Azog walking away with a barrel of drink, but then a bell sounded so he’d have to investigate later. He made it back to the competition just in time and the judges read off the results, "The top six competitors are as follows, “Rhella, Rurik, Vest, Telna, and Otho. Will those competitors please make their way to a station.” Rurik did, and so did the innkeeper, a halfling, and the others. “The judges examined your dish and for the final challenge you will be provided with ingredients and a dish to make that is the opposite of what you cooked for the first challenge.” They came around and Rurik was so nervous he didn’t know how to cook much other then mountain stuff and they sure weren’t going to give him that. Rurik examined his plate and it told him to make something called shepherds pie, but the ingredients they gave him weren’t for pie, potatoes, beef, cheese, and savory spices, that wasn’t a pie that was the ingredients for dwarf’s delight, an uncommon dish but the dwarves loved it, and as a result something Rurik was taught how to make very early. He grabbed a circle dish, put some oil and spices in and then the beef, which he mixed with the oil to spread the spices around. Then he mashed up the potatoes and put them on the beef and then put cheese slices over the whole thing. He then put the dish straight into the fire and let it cook until the cheese had melted into the mashed potatoes. While this was happening he dropped peas into a pot of ale and added the same spices they gave him for the delight/pie. When the delight was done he cut it, put it on a plate, strained the peas and then added them to the plate as well. The bell dinged signaling the end of the challenge, and Rurik stepped back to admire his work.
the judges came around to him first. They tasted his dish, but showed no signs of wether they liked it or not. They moved on to the other contestants and after that they went back up to the judges table. After talking amongst themselves one of the judges stood up. “The winners of this years Brewfest Cooking Competition are as follows, in third place, we have Vesta, in second place our new comer, Rurik, and in first place, for the 10th year in a row, Rhella.” Rurik was excited he got second place, yeah i wasn’t first but he got a medal. He headed to where his party was storing their stuff and stuck the medal in his chest, then he went to find out what the party had gotten themselves into while he was away.



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