Ancient Draconic Secrets

A Little Gnoll-edge is Dangerous

Area effect spells are awesome

Date: Patchwall 9

Travelling across Mahlert to the Elven lands, the party was ambushed by over 50 gnolls. Too bad for the gnolls. Even spread out the gnolls had trouble with the area effect spells our adventurers can bring. The Elemental Champion got to use Call Lightning and saved the day with a healing spell. Sleet Storm by Kebin kept a good number on ice and turned into a polar bear to bash some gnolls down. Pasqual brought fireball and shatter to the fight. Valanthe did long range sniping. Leonardo focused on range attacks except when get got too close to a leader knoll who wasn’t completely down for the count. Kriller did his best to get close in and do some hand to hand gnoll killing.



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