Ancient Draconic Secrets

The Death of Blackrazor

It went like clockwork

Date: Patchwall 2-3

Well after arguing with the bounty hunters and making a strong case that the party was framed, the baron sent the bounty hunters on their way. The party decided to head to the capital city to find a cleric that could get them to the plane of Mechanos to jam Blackrazer in the gears and make it dead.

The trip was eventful with having to defeat a group of Formians (ant centaur creatures) who put every living thing into their own ordering system. Unfortunately Azog was dominated by the Formian leaders which made things more dangerous then the party would have liked. But with judicious use of Kebin‘s Sleet Storm, Pasqual’s Fireballs, Caitlyn‘s ability to hold off Formian Warriors, and everyone’s damage dealing abilities, the battle went very smoothly.

Eventually Valanthe fulfilled the mission to crush Blackrazor in the right gear.

The only casualties were Azog and Valanthe being turned Lawful Neutral. This didn’t go well with Azog at all. He is now spending some time looking for someone to take him to the plane of Limbo (and get back).

The party was also able to cash in a bunch of jewelry which increased the party’s funds to about 15,000 gold pieces. Some people want to build a guild hall with that. Others are kind of poor and would prefer not to.

The search continues for anyone who might have seen the Evil Elemental Champion. It’s a big city but it’s easier to hide in a big city some times.



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