Ancient Draconic Secrets

Temple of Elemental Neutrality

You have a sister?

Date: Patchwall 7

So after solving the romance of the town’s leading nobles, the adventurers got down to finding the location of the Champion of Elemental Evil. And when they did, conversation started rather than fighting. The Champion revealed that the Evil Elemental Princes were a fraud and powered by Outsiders attempting to use the Elemental Princes to open gates between the Far Realms and their elemental planes thus making it easier to get around the defenses of the world.

Having recognized that he would be killed by the current temple hierarchy, the Champion holed up in a small temple complex guarded by elementals and a Spirit Guardian. Being stuck and unable to figure out how to take the fight to the fraudulent temple, the Champion thought he was just biding time until temple forces came to kill him.

Enter the party, who came to find him because, they didn’t know what else to do. And because the traitor in the volcano temple told them to. The party conversed with the Champion trying to figure out a way to make things better.

Except that Valanthe’s twin sister showed up, took control of the elementals in the temple and proceeded to lay down some smack. Except that Valanthe dispelled the Hunger of Hadar before it could deal serious hurt the party and Pasqual got free to fireball with impunity. It was a bit close for a time but once Quillathe saw things were going poorly she ran off with the earth elemental.

With the hidden shrine now not so hidden, the Fey members of the party revealed that the Elves would help defend and hide the Champion. This is because the Elves have been keeping the defenses against the Outsiders up, after the dragons were defeated. So the party sets off across Mahlert to take the Champion to the Elves.



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