Ancient Draconic Secrets

Waiting around for the Champion to Show up

And giving love a little help

Date: Patchwall 5-6

So the party is at Rondell following clues laid down by a crazy bard and end up looking around town and finding nothing. Rurik feels there’s something evil about the Mayor’s illness but finds nothing evil a foot.

Innana and Risika get roped into helping a noble of the house Folbre play matchmaker. Fortunately Innana’s invisibilty spell gave her a way to go talk to the bride in question instead of letting some crazy kidnap scheme play out. (Because those never go wrong.)

Except that Aldron Folbre had decided the best way to deal with the other 2 rival houses was to eliminate Elissa Hobin and Richard Savelle (the two lovers in question). They are actually in love, and the party got them safely together after defeating the forces of Aldron Folbre. Apparently he bit off more than he could chew.



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