Ancient Draconic Secrets

Don't touch that it's Evil!

Insanity is worshipping strange alters lying around in caves

We started with two new party members today, and after a lot of puzzling how to get down to a highly evil upside down obelisk and deal with even more evil stuff below. Including wisely not to enter the dark portal to someplace probably even darker. But the party figured out that something was removed.

Exploring the rest of the place led the party to something even stranger and probably at least as evil. A rectangular block of stone with 4 figures (the stereotypical adventuring party) and 4 items hidden in secret compartments. After some experimentation (all bad) the party wisely decided to destroy some of the less valuable items (who needs a drum made from human skin anyway)..The DM strongly hinted that whatever was removed from the Evil Obelisk of Evil was a smaller version of this Evil Block of Stereotypical Adventuring Party.

Anyway off to Nulb which was the only other hint from talking to the dead. The inn was still burned down (Good job Althea and Content Not Found: Valanthe. Some initial investigation led to a beached river boat, which turned out to have wraiths and black pudding lurking about. Thanks to the bead of force the wraiths were put into a time out so the party could focus on the Black Pudding. Inana almost got killed by the Black Pudding when it had a very good strike, but Risika was there with some healing help. Cleverly the Black Pudding was cut in 2 so that area effect spells could do more damage. Flaming Sphere(Kebin), Burning Hands (Inana), and Hellish Rebuke (Inana), brought serious fire to cook the Pudding. Also good play by Searing Smite (Risika).

Unfortunately the wraiths were smart enough to run like heck and even a couple of fireballs {Pasqual} and magic like monk fists (Caitlyn) didn’t hurt them enough. But Leonardo‘s magic bow didn’t let them get away.

Further exploration of the town got them to find a hastily cleared out hidey-hole where based on some scraps of paper, we find the former Champion of Elemental Evil is actually running from the cult. What does this mean? Where might he be going? Stay tuned.


Really, Rurik really has to stop hanging out with the baggage caravan and get in on this action, he even has this evil, evil sword, hmm….

Don't touch that it's Evil!

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