Ancient Draconic Secrets


Characters migrated to PHB

First session after the PHB was released so players migrated to 5th edition. Many changes from the playtest materials and we did some character reconfiguration. Paladin no longer uses a Pole Arm and lost some good playtest stuff, Warlock’s Pixie is now a Sprite and got another invocation, Cleric is now a Tempest Cleric of Rillifane Rallathil, and everyone had to get their traits, bonds, ideals, and flaws.

Then to have some fun with all the changes, we had 2 umber hulks (that the party had previously bypassed) show up for mayhem. Confusion was not the Druid or Warlock’s friend and so the Cleric, Ranger, Fighter, and Paladin had to save the day.

Unfortunately the commotion caused guards to come take a look so the party retreated back to find the umber hulk treasure.



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