Ancient Draconic Secrets

Back into the Temple

Let my orc slaves go

Date: TBD

After a nights rest, the party finds their way to the tunnel they used to exit the temple the last time they were here. They decide to visit the water temple dressed in Earth temple cloaks. But after their first conflict they seemed to have alerted the temple. A group of Lizardmen, some trolls, and more cultists all demanded why there were Earth cultists in their midst, and encourage the party to leave.

They bypassed the bridge guards and enter into the Earth Temple, kill some bullettes, and skip pass the temple to find the air temple. They are able to bluff their way down but are stopped by a group of gnolls warning them that some escaped slaves were making trouble beyond this guard post. The party continued on and when meeting the orc slaves, the party decided to help them escape. The party decided to break out through the north. After a pitched battle including gnolls, hill giants, more gnolls, guards, a half-fiend, an armored troll and 2 mages the party retreated. Having to drag a few downed party members with them.



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