Ancient Draconic Secrets

7 Dinosaurs and 1 Pit

Next time kill the troll quietly

The guard post into the next section has been restaffed after the party went through the trouble of killing all the trolls the last time. Unfortunately, all the previous fighting had drawn a bunch of guards to investigate. Now there is a single troll and 7 dinosaurs on guard.

Given the presence of a pit leading to the (now deceased) Umber Hulk lair, the party decides to lure the dinosaurs down the corridor to the pit and the Warlock and Paladin will dimension door behind the lone troll to dispatch him.

Plan works well except the paladin forgot to get healed so he used Thunderous smite (which makes a loud noise) and attracted a couple of spell casters. The troll eventually was killed thanks to the paladin fire smite spell.. But the party retreated after the new spell casters let loose with a Wall of Fire and a Hunger of Hadar. The paladin and the warlock dimension doored out and the rest of the party ran up to catch.

Having deduced that someone had been following them, the wizard asked the ranger to look for tracks as evidence. Tracks were found leading into the water. The party though that was a great idea and built a crude raft out of mine track ties and looked for a less hostile section.

They found a cave inlet and were getting ready to rest on a ledge (the manacles on the walls gave them a bit of a concern) when the occupant of the room entered. The sea hag was quickly dealt with and the party settled down for a long rest (well needed).



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