Ancient Draconic Secrets

Diplomacy and a nice word will get you further
Do you have a minute to talk about the Elemental Princes

Date: TBD

The party investigated a Dwarven Temple though they found at least one door beyond their abilities to open. Kebin got turned into a dwarf for an hour and a stone golem made sure everyone was respectful by the alter. Even Agog.

Then the party decided to talk to the Queen of Air one more time. No matter than she promised to take the heads of some of the party if she saw them again. The party also finally remembered they had a ritual they could give cultists to be able to be convinced by the True Elemental Champion. Queen Aerisi was convinced and has left the current temple to join the True Elemental Champion. Score one for the good guys.

Trying to follow up on their success, the party moves quickly to the Temple of Fire. They are lead to the prophet but the Lady of Fire isn’t buying the party line.

When a Queen says off with your head you might want to listen
The orcs are getting restless

Date: TBD

The party started to breakout to the north to the bridge but found their way blocked by a wall of stone. Oh and a glyph which brought in a Hunger of Hadar. Party broke through and then Keben polymorphed Kriller into a Stone Giant. Without a club Kriller decided to pick up cultists and throw them at other cultists.

The party had a tough time of it so when the half-fiend, 2 more mages, and an armored troll showed up the party retreated again.

Repulsed the party went to talk to the Queen of the Air and tried to set up conflict between the different temples. Well they bungled their diplomacy and the Prophet Aerisi now has an even lower opinion of the Earth temple. And threatened to behead any Earth cultists entering her temple. So I guess they did succeed at getting cults to go to war with each other.

Back into the Temple
Let my orc slaves go

Date: TBD

After a nights rest, the party finds their way to the tunnel they used to exit the temple the last time they were here. They decide to visit the water temple dressed in Earth temple cloaks. But after their first conflict they seemed to have alerted the temple. A group of Lizardmen, some trolls, and more cultists all demanded why there were Earth cultists in their midst, and encourage the party to leave.

They bypassed the bridge guards and enter into the Earth Temple, kill some bullettes, and skip pass the temple to find the air temple. They are able to bluff their way down but are stopped by a group of gnolls warning them that some escaped slaves were making trouble beyond this guard post. The party continued on and when meeting the orc slaves, the party decided to help them escape. The party decided to break out through the north. After a pitched battle including gnolls, hill giants, more gnolls, guards, a half-fiend, an armored troll and 2 mages the party retreated. Having to drag a few downed party members with them.

The party learns that infiltrating cults is best left to the professionals
Druid spells are amusing

Date: TBD

Leonardo wants to go rescue a dragon that has been talking to him in his mind. To that end he tries to infiltrate a dragon cult. Unfortunately for him the dragon cult he is trying to infiltrate is actually Elemental cultists looking for revenge.

The Leonardo and Kebin go in to meet the cultists. They are restrained and the leader finds and kills Valenthe’s sprite.

Rurik and Valenthe both deal with the pirates on the ship by the warehouse while Kebin raises the water and turns into an giant octopus.

Cultists mostly get away.

Dragons did not want that spaceship to stay around
Banshees are evil

Date: TBD

Demon defeated by the party a few days ago sent undead and a banshees to kill the players. Cloudkill and a banshee wail did hurt the party but the demon was sent packing again.

Party went to retrieve their spaceship loot only to find the spaceship having been destroyed by acid and their own cache was mostly destroyed too. The party found a few things missed by the acid but not much.

Deep Into a Temple
Don't kill time, you never know what's being killed

Date: Patchwall 23

Party goes down into a ruined tower and finds a temple. They take some time to read the inscriptions and look for magic. When they get to an alter they find a bunch of Yuan-ti have sacrificed some slaves to summon a demon. This demon is pretty useless as far as the party is concerned because the party kills it pretty quick

None of Azog’s family is among the dead slaves. Also one Yuan-ti runs away.

Which turns out to be interesting when a Hydra comes out from the corridor the Yuan-ti ran into.
After killing the Hydra (it got up to 9 heads) the party finds a ramp to a lower level.

The party has to deal with a few traps and some Yuan-ti ambushers and then tries to rest by a hot springs.

Unfortunately, the party’s rest was interrupted by screams ending in a sudden silence.

Party goes to investigate and finds a Medusa like creature killing slaves, creating some kind of portal, and the slaves are turning into zombies.

Valenthe turns Kriller invisible (with Greater Invisibility) and he runs off to go kill the Medusa bad guy. Unfortunately for Kriller, Medusa bad guy has a war hammer with Tremorsense and “sees” Kriller coming. Ends up not mattering too much as the party makes quick work of zombies, guards and the Medusa guy melts into the ground and runs away.

The temple treasure room is bare so the Medusa definitely stole stuff.
And where was that portal going to?

Don't Bring Arrows to a Fireball Fight
Command: Go group up and be fireballed

Date: Patchwall 22

The party is attacked by more raiders this time on Wyverns. Unfortunately for the raiders they decided to swoop down on people which made it easier for the party to get them to cluster up. And it helps if you command them to attack the summoned Giant Frogs.

Sail to the Horse Kingdoms
Why did it have to be snake people?

Date: Patchwall 21

After visiting the farm where Azog was a slave, they were able to get Azog’s brother free from slavery. Unfortunately his sister and parents were captured by raiders. Raiders flying griffons and Wyverns.

Party goes out and tries to find this group of flying raiders and gets attacked in the morning by griffon fliers. Not much of a contest, though there were some interesting bits of the battle.

Visit Beautiful Downtown Mahert
What to pack on a trip to go save Azog's family

Date: Patchwall 14

Party hangs around in Mahert doing some downtime activities getting ready to sail off to get Azog’s family out of slavery.

I Went to the Elven Lands and all I got was this Awesome wand of Fireballs
Flesh Golem Wolves and Spiders and Bears Oh My

Date Patchwall 11

The elves agreed to watch after the Elemental Champion. Of course as long as the party was here could they look into reports of evil in the forest?

The evil turned out to be the crazy druid from Ossington with booyah yah monkey demons and some flesh golem Wolves, Spiders, and Bears. Party got rid of the flesh golems and decided that fighting a druid in the woods was not a good idea.

Told the elves that the threat should be reduced since the critters were gone now and the druid may come back but it would be a while.


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