Ancient Draconic Secrets

Don't Feed the Owlbears
This way to the egress

So after the long rest in the sea hag’s bedroom, the party debates about what to do until the Druid just swims out the way the sea hag came in. (Minor retcon where the druid reminds me that he had wild shaped as a shark to attack the sea hag and had searched her nest as a giant octopus. Had to tell him what was found.)

The druid finds two human prisoners chained to a pillar and brings them back to the rest of the party. The party feeds them and decides to go out that same way. Leaving the rescued farmers some food and telling them they will come back when they can get them a safe passage. Then it’s a choice between 3 paths. After some loud debate, the party goes west.

Following a minor fork and the party finds 3 dead guards (dressed in the gate or bridge tabards). Characters advance to search the bodies and are surprised by 2 owlbears who were in the middle of lunch. The druid gets bitten and clawed and feels a lot of pain, but concentrated firepower takes the owlbears down without too much trouble.

Following the this fork leads the party to the outside (apparently owl bears have also infiltrated the temple complex or at least a few advanced scouts). So the party goes back and gets the poor farmers they rescued and sends them on their way.

Further along back towards the main corridor, the party finds another trio of dead guards also inflicted by owlbears and a locked and barred door. There’s another passage to the north but the Warlock disguises himself to look like one of the dead guards and bangs on the door with the rest of the party hidden behind a minor illusion. Another trio of guards appear and opens the door to help their buddy. This lets the Barbarian push through the door and take out the first guard. The Ranger feels it’s time to use spike growth to proven them from escaping. Which works pretty well as when the guards try to run, they don’t make it out. But they did yell for help and when the invisible sprite looks around the corner another 3 guards head down a side passage instead of conveniently running up to their death.

Unfortunately due to time we are postponing the rest of the fight until next time. On deck is a chimera, a dueragar, and a greater barghast.. Probably for the best as the cleric, the paladin and the wizard were not available today.

7 Dinosaurs and 1 Pit
Next time kill the troll quietly

The guard post into the next section has been restaffed after the party went through the trouble of killing all the trolls the last time. Unfortunately, all the previous fighting had drawn a bunch of guards to investigate. Now there is a single troll and 7 dinosaurs on guard.

Given the presence of a pit leading to the (now deceased) Umber Hulk lair, the party decides to lure the dinosaurs down the corridor to the pit and the Warlock and Paladin will dimension door behind the lone troll to dispatch him.

Plan works well except the paladin forgot to get healed so he used Thunderous smite (which makes a loud noise) and attracted a couple of spell casters. The troll eventually was killed thanks to the paladin fire smite spell.. But the party retreated after the new spell casters let loose with a Wall of Fire and a Hunger of Hadar. The paladin and the warlock dimension doored out and the rest of the party ran up to catch.

Having deduced that someone had been following them, the wizard asked the ranger to look for tracks as evidence. Tracks were found leading into the water. The party though that was a great idea and built a crude raft out of mine track ties and looked for a less hostile section.

They found a cave inlet and were getting ready to rest on a ledge (the manacles on the walls gave them a bit of a concern) when the occupant of the room entered. The sea hag was quickly dealt with and the party settled down for a long rest (well needed).

Characters migrated to PHB

First session after the PHB was released so players migrated to 5th edition. Many changes from the playtest materials and we did some character reconfiguration. Paladin no longer uses a Pole Arm and lost some good playtest stuff, Warlock’s Pixie is now a Sprite and got another invocation, Cleric is now a Tempest Cleric of Rillifane Rallathil, and everyone had to get their traits, bonds, ideals, and flaws.

Then to have some fun with all the changes, we had 2 umber hulks (that the party had previously bypassed) show up for mayhem. Confusion was not the Druid or Warlock’s friend and so the Cleric, Ranger, Fighter, and Paladin had to save the day.

Unfortunately the commotion caused guards to come take a look so the party retreated back to find the umber hulk treasure.

You Catch More Ettins with Gems than with Fighting
Always a good idea to hire a tour guide when exploring

So the party completed their long rest behind an illusionary wall and when they came out they found an Ettin doing guard duty along with his pet Rust Monster.

The party completely forgot they were wearing the tabards of the previous guards so the Ettin was confused as to why they were attacking. Eventually they got it all sorted out and the Ettin agreed to work for the party for a huge amount of gems. (Party apparently does not know the hiring price of the Ettin.)

The Ettin walked the party down to the next section of cultists pointing out all the places they could have gotten into trouble. They were able to avoid the basilisk lair, the green slime, and the Umber Hulks. The party got a good price though because the Ettin did a good job as a damage sink when the troll guards didn’t get the right answer to the challenge question.

End result was dead guards, dead ettin, and ettin payment back to the party.

A New Party Member
Earth elementals don't rock

Found in the cleric’s quarters was a Halfling Wizard hanging upside down. After being freed and telling his story of being captured by cultists and the rest of his group sent on to other areas as slaves, Pasquel joined the party.

The party moved along north through an illusionary wall. Well they sent an invisible pixie through the wall and found a group of troglodytes guarding a cavern. The party decided to attack and by using web and some close fighting, the party was left standing.

One of the troglodytes had a magical two handed sword that the barbarian coveted. No one was really interested in arguing about it.

But before the party could decide to move forward 2 Earth elementals came forward to deal with the intruders (the party). Unfortunately for the earth elementals, the party made quick work of them. However the barbarian’s sword was rolling at disadvantage against the earth elementals. And later the barbarian couldn’t seem to attune himself to the weapon.

The party wanted a long rest and debated about leaving the temple or holing up. The pixie’s powers allowed them to shorten a room by casing an illusion and while guard came in to check the room none of them checked a bare room for illusions.

Frontal Assault
How do you keep a raging Barbarian out of your temple?

Party followed the map acquired by the Warlock and Cleric and found the dormant volcano. They followed a few humanoid that looked liked they were in the cult and were led to the gates. However, when you have a barbarian with amazing strength you are not even safe hiding behind a gate. The barbarian and paladin made quick work of breaking the gate and the party charged into the temple.

And found the defenders had thrown up some good defenses. Zombies charged the party but the cleric made quick work of them. The main corridor ended in another closed gate and two side passages had bowmen hiding behind overturned tables. This wasn’t too much of a barrier. The barbarian went after the gnolls and heads (and limbs) rolled with the rogue shooting from behind. The ranger, druid, fighter, and cleric took the other side and the party looked good.

Until the paladin and the warlock got to the main gate and found a large numbers of archers waiting for them. The paladin and warlock went down hard. Fortunately the cleric was able to heal them from a distance so when the archers came to join the fight, the paladin used the playtest divine smite ability to take most of them out. The Warlock also finished them off with a nice area effect spell.

The gnolls were reinforced by a troglodyte cleric and the barbarian had to get in close. (Inflict wounds hurts). Eventually the party was the only ones left standing.

Let the looting begin.

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