Hill Dwarf 8th Level Ancient Oath Paladin


72 hit points and a 19AC
he uses a great sword and his lowest save is 5 while his highest is 13, he’s realatively slow, 25ft per round, but he can cast spells, one of which teleports him 30ft as a swift action. He also has green eyes and brown hair braided in two braids down his back, and his beard is beaded in one braid in the front.


He had his village razed by a fire giant and it’s gang of goblins, his father died then. Ever since he has been raised by the fey dwarves, a religious order of dwarves dedicated to the fey, Obai Had and Elhona and hold nature above all else. He was trained to be a champion and he wants to learn more about his father, whom he dosent know much about.


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