Leonardo (of the Raklile)

Human 8th Level Ranger

I’m Leonardo(of the Raklile), a Human Ranger that began as part of a farming district know as Astorington that was constantly harassed by half-fiend cultists of Iuz, god of pain and oppression. There was this neighboring Elvish tribe know as the Raklile that didn’t talk with us ever, they only peaked out of their forest once in a while to glance at us. One day the cultists went berserk for an unknown reason(probably b/c of demands and such w/ their god) on our town. I, Leonardo, was about to be killed like everyone else…..until the Raklile tribe swooped from their forest to save my life! Even though flames were bursting, people were dying, I couldn’t help but just stare at the Elven archers. They could so gracefully knock an arrow into place, pull their bow, and watch their enemies fall before them. It was at that time that I knew I would become a Ranger.

But all those thoughts evaporated temporarily as I was being secured by the Elves back to their forests. They told me all about the ways of their tribe, including their beliefs. One of their beliefs is that the dragons, more specifically metallic dragons, shall be the ones to be Ultimate Supreme Maximum Rulerz!!! But before they can do that, they must first rid of the people that most threaten this goal: Colored Dragons and Outsiders. Now this is all a lot to take in(I know this ‘cause I had to take it all in as well), but as a younglin’ with no guidance other than these here Raklile, and the fact they saved my life, I might as well believe what they’re telling me.

So after telling me all these things we got down to business. The ways of the Ranger were taught to me, and boy did it pay off for the tribe! I slowly but surly became a part of the tribe’s military and had forgotten all about the whole town being destroyed……until the cultists tried destroying another peaceful community, the Raklile. We fought back the cultists, but realized they won’t stop until they’ve wiped out everything, and that isn’t exactly the greatest thing to realize. So we set up our military and went to destroy the awful Iuz worshipers. That was when I faced the leader of cultists, the cause of all this pain and destruction, a (class will be entered here soon) named Olgoth, who would become my lifelong nemesis. After battling for what seemed forever, Olgoth and his troops retreated, again, to an unknown location. I begged and pleaded so much to look for them, but the tribe leaders of 15 nodded side-to-side in regret. They thought it was more important to focus on other interests, like training me into their own personal Dragon hunter.

After more time passed, I eventually became the tribe’s champion, which was when they knew I was ready for the ultimate task: I would learn how to hunt for Dragons. They gave everything they could to teach me how to hunt for Dragons, which is obviously why I’m know as a Dragon Hunter. Over time I became curious of the outside world though, and asked my tribe leaders one day if it was okay for me to leave this life and lead the life of adventuring. They nodded in regret, but this time they nodded up-and-down. they gave me an Ancient Elvish arrow which was passed down their tribe for generations. I was told to use it to: keep in contact with the tribe’s elders, use it against foes I feel are too powerful to handle on my own(OUT OF CHARACTER: the arrow doesn’t actually do anything extra for attacking, it’s just the placebo effect), induct members fit for the Raklile tribe, and to in general remember the tribe. And with that, I was on my way to the great unknown.

But even though I questioned what the Raklile believed in, and even though I was ‘just an outsider’ to them, i still to this day promote the ways of the Raklile and stay their most decorated member.I am always thinking about those half-fiends though, always wondering if they’re harassing another village, or how many countless more villages they’ve already hurt. Because somehow they have enough time to poke and prod at the little things I tried to do to get into adventuring. Whenever I tried to gain favor by completing a quest(before I met Donber’s Burden) Olgoth and his men would pop out and impede the group. It was like he was a disease, slowly but surly wearing me down. He won’t outright kill you, he’ll do small things, like launch a volley of arrows at you or send a few guys at you. I’m glad he’s stopped harassing me for now, but I’m afraid of the damage he’s doing to other people, or if he’s just temporarily stopped for now and is waiting on Iuz to give him enough power to try to kill me, again.

GOALS: Kill one of every colored dragon type; Put the metallic Dragons back into power; Kill Olgoth, half-fiend worshiper of Iuz; stop any and all attempts to bring out Outsiders;

Leonardo (of the Raklile)

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