Ancient Draconic Secrets

When a Queen says off with your head you might want to listen

The orcs are getting restless

Date: TBD

The party started to breakout to the north to the bridge but found their way blocked by a wall of stone. Oh and a glyph which brought in a Hunger of Hadar. Party broke through and then Keben polymorphed Kriller into a Stone Giant. Without a club Kriller decided to pick up cultists and throw them at other cultists.

The party had a tough time of it so when the half-fiend, 2 more mages, and an armored troll showed up the party retreated again.

Repulsed the party went to talk to the Queen of the Air and tried to set up conflict between the different temples. Well they bungled their diplomacy and the Prophet Aerisi now has an even lower opinion of the Earth temple. And threatened to behead any Earth cultists entering her temple. So I guess they did succeed at getting cults to go to war with each other.



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