Ancient Draconic Secrets

Diplomacy and a nice word will get you further

Do you have a minute to talk about the Elemental Princes

Date: TBD

The party investigated a Dwarven Temple though they found at least one door beyond their abilities to open. Kebin got turned into a dwarf for an hour and a stone golem made sure everyone was respectful by the alter. Even Agog.

Then the party decided to talk to the Queen of Air one more time. No matter than she promised to take the heads of some of the party if she saw them again. The party also finally remembered they had a ritual they could give cultists to be able to be convinced by the True Elemental Champion. Queen Aerisi was convinced and has left the current temple to join the True Elemental Champion. Score one for the good guys.

Trying to follow up on their success, the party moves quickly to the Temple of Fire. They are lead to the prophet but the Lady of Fire isn’t buying the party line.



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